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Monitoring Private Homes Without a Legal Warrant

They should pay me to watch me in my home, as follows:

1. anyone from Transylvania, who has no blood relation with me,  and who watches me, owes me big money, the highest fee;

because I’m here due to the abuse committed here in Transilvania, and not by my own free will, I was not supposed to be here, therefore I demand the HIGHEST FEE.

2. any Romanian or Jew who was employed to watch me at home owes me money: half his wages since he/she got the job, for the entire term of the job, for the Romanians, and double the wages for the Jews who were employed to watch me at my home;

because I am not supposed to be in Romania either, or Israel for that matter, and they are not supposed to have a job, therefore I demand VERY HIGH FEE.



Date: 2017, the 5th of June